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Volunteer – children centered case management

Sept. 22, 2018

Base on the “Big Brother/Sister” model from India, SCDI is developing a case management model, of which each case involves two volunteers supporting one child.

Two volunteers would be friend an assigned child as their big brother or big sister in the same family for the child to share their feelings, daily experience at school and interests.

The purpose of this activity is for the children to be able to trust their “big brothers/sisters”, willing to share what they have to face in their daily life and accept the support from the “big brothers/sisters” to complete themselves.  

In order to implement this activity, SCDI has reached the children through different sources of information including their family, neighbors, friends, district and commune people’s committee or key population organizations.

SCDI staff and the volunteers will verify the information and have an initial assessment on the children’s physical, mental and social conditions. A plan is then put forward to support each child, suitable to their needs. At the moment SCDI is supporting 10 children in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city. Each case often lasts from 3 to 6 months.

Support activities include psychological, integration, tutoring, financial, legal and referral to related agencies/organizations. During this process, SCDI staff will be in charge of monitoring the cases.

Besides, every month the volunteers and the children will have an outing activity to increase the integration and social skills of the children while the volunteers can discuss the opportunities, challenges as well as recommendations for each case.

Prior and during the case management process, the volunteers are given trainings on fundamental knowledge and skills to work with the children such as understanding the needs of children from 0 – 15 years old, case management, organizing activity and communication skills etc.
Ly, a case management volunteer, said: “When doing this work, I have had many difficulties, sometimes the child would not listen and collaborate, there’s a time when I felt like given up. But when the child used his mother’s phone to call me and asked if this week I would be coming to teach him?, listening to  his very adorable voice I felt motivated to continue with the case”.

SCDI also creates a forum for the case management team so that the volunteers can share their information, difficulties and beautiful memories while doing this work.

Currently, the case management is still in the piloting phrase, SCDI’s Children program is completing the process and regulations as well as learning from the opportunities, challenges and recommendations to implement this activity more efficiently.


The “Big brother/sister” model is a model implemented in India for children of sex workers, in which one social worker (paid) will spend a lot of time living and interacting with the children to create a close relationship, so the children will trust and share the problems they have with the social worker in order to have timely interventions. The social worker even watches over the children when their mothers have to go to work at night.

Bùi Kim Phương
Project Assistant


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We will send you the most up-to-date information for your specific help to vulnerable groups