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"Love More Give More" Campaign on Valentine's Day 2019

Feb. 15, 2019

On the occasion of the February 14th - Valentine's Day, SCDI with representatives from VCSPA and other community networks visited embassies and delegation countries sponsoring for the Global Fund. This is an initiative of the Regional Global Fund Advocates Network Asia-Pacific (GFAN AP). Up to now, this campaign has been implemented in 45 countries including Vietnam.

EU ambassador took photos with the delegation

With the message "LOVE MORE GIVE MORE", this campaign aims at boosting people to show human love and concern for common human issues, particularly encouraging private organizations and governments to raise funds for activities fighting HIV, tuberculosis and malaria.

Since its lauching in 2001, the Global Fund has raised $38 billion, funding programs in 140 countries and saved 27 million people from death because of these diseases. Vietnam is one of the countries benefiting from the Global Fund from the beginning. The total amount of the fund to Vietnam has been up to more than 500 million dollars.

Irish Ambassodor was every happy to receive flowers and card

During the visit, the delegation was warmly welcomed by 12 ambassadors, 1 deputy ambassador (England, France, Belgium, Norway, European Union, Australia, Korea, Ireland, New Zealand, Holland, Canada, Sweden and Germany) and Director of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Roses and Valentine cards were specially designed for the campaign, along with letters from civil society recording the nation's contribution to the Global Fund. At the same time, representatives of the Global Fund in Vietnam have also called for aid from countries joining in the Global Fund to help retain 16 million more lives in the coming period.

Director of USAID shared with members of the delegation

Community members in the delegation to visit the embassies of the countries are living evidence of the Global Fund's significantly positive influences and the donors' contributions to beneficiaries. Although the travel to the embassies took place continuously throughout the day, all the participants in the trip felt very happy that they could contribute a part to the meaningful campaign.

The delegation took a photo with Dutch Ambassador

On behalf of the Global Fund’s representatives in Vietnam, SCDI want to send our sincere thanks to countries: United States, UK, Germany, Belgium, Norway, European Union, Australia, Korea, Ireland, New Zealand, Netherlands, Canada and Sweden as well as USAID for your spirit of contribution to the Global Fund. Community and social organizations can strongly believe in the enthusiasm and support of the nations. Happy Valentine's Day with lots of trust and hope that fully funds will be given to the Global Fund against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.



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