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End-year group activity for SCDI volunteers

Sept. 22, 2018

On 20th – 21st December 2014, the Children Program and Responsible Parenthood Project has organized an outing team building activity for SCDI’s volunteers at Van Hoa, Ba Vi, Hanoi.

The young volunteers had been preparing their takeaways, camps and fire together during the trip. The cold of the mountainous area didn’t stop the volunteers to participate very actively in several fun team building activities like shrinking mattress where they had to support each other to stand in a mattress that was folded smaller each turn; eating melons with no hand; and “I’m looking for” where they need to find a required objects. 
The most favorite game of all must be “Far cry” when a sentence was given to only the heads of a team and they had to draw to try to tell the one behind them what the sentence said. The final results made everyone burst out laughing.

In the same day, the volunteers had sat down with SCDI project officers to share their thoughts and what they had learnt during their work with SCDI, They also shared their difficulties and moments of feeling like giving up as well as their wish to contribute further to the programs.

“If I didn’t volunteer with SCDI, I would just go to school, come home, read books and listen to music. Before I was very shy but now I can speak what I think and have more new friends”, Mai – a volunteer from Thang Long University shared. 

“I was always afraid to speak my mind but since I join the Responsible Parenthood project I feel motivated to share my ideas”, Huong -  a volunteer from Hanoi School of Public Health. 

After the 2-day trip, many have expressed their appreciation for the activity and wished that there can be more activities like this so the volunteers can meet and learn from each other. The enthusiasm and support of the volunteers is an inspiring source and motivation to help SCDI move forward with its works.


The activity is a mean of SCDI to express our gratefulness and appreciation to all the volunteers for their supports.

Kim Phương


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We will send you the most up-to-date information for your specific help to vulnerable groups