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Training of trainers: Community outreach skills and case documentation

Sept. 21, 2018

On 27th – 30th January 2015 in Ho Chi Minh city, SCDI has organized a training of trainers on Community outreach skills and case documentation for 26 participants from 13 CBOs from Hanoi, Ha Long, Ho Chi Minh city, Ben Tre, Nha Trang. The facilitators of the training were experts on community outreach and case documentation from Soa Aids Netherlands.

The aim of the training is to provide an understanding of community outreach, develop outreach guidelines and improve outreach skills, as well as help the participant to realize the importance of and improve skill on case documentation.

The training included context identification and mapping of sex worker population; providing information for clients; developing term of reference and working principles of outreach workers. 

Mapping would help outreach workers to know the location, size, methods of approach, understand the clients, their characteristics, assessing their needs and risk behaviors etc. These information plays an important role in assessing the results of the outreach process, estimating the number of commodities, IEC materials needed as well as advocacy.

The facilitators also explained in details the steps of approaching a client, starting from planning; approaching clients; providing information; introducing about the CBO and the objective of outreach; building trust with clients etc to distributing condoms and providing consultations for clients on free condom distribution sites.

After having equipped with knowledge on case documentation, many of the participants could write a story related to their outreach work and share it with the class. The participants were also made aware about protecting the confidentiality of their clients through coding collected information.

This activity is under a project on Reducing vulnerability of sex workers in Vietnam, as part of Bridging the Gaps – Health and rights for key populations implemented by SCDI withsupport from Soa Aids Netherlands.

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