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Training on raising awareness about rights and policies related to sex workers in Ho Chi Minh city

Sept. 21, 2018

Continue from the capacity building training on raising awareness about rights and policies related to sex workers, SCDI has organized a 2-day training in Ho Chi Minh city on 3rd and 4th June 2013.

There were 14 participants from CBOs of sex workers: Hoa Cat Tuong (Ho Chi Minh city), Binh Minh Dem (Ho Chi Minh city), Song Bien (Nha Trang), Chung toi la phu nu club (Can Tho). They would be the core members to disseminate information and knowledge to their clients in order to raise their awareness about their rights and policies related to sex workers.

The training provided participants with fundamental knowledge such as the International Convention on Rights, Human rights, Citizen rights and Women rights. The participants studied in a systematic way the policies and view of the Party and the government about sex work. The topic on rights and right protecting skills included Prostitution prevention decree-law and Administrative violation sanctions; Identify law violation activities; Sanctions prescription; Legal documents; Arrest process and regulations; Appeal, complaint etc. 

In the end of the training, the participants discussed strategies which would help to raise the awareness on their rights:

  • Sex workers need to know and understand the laws
  • Raise awareness about the rights and laws related to sex workers: organize meeting to discuss relevant topics with clients
  • Calm, brave, flexible, and persistent in case of violations
  • Use the Internet and legal documents to support in case of violations
  • United and support each other, connect CBOs to extend knowledge and protect each other
  • Ask for supports from legal agencies such as Women Union; sub-DSEP; AIDS Centers; Fatherland front; Labor department, MOLISA etc.

Many of the participants had never received any training on rights and policies before, yet after the 2-day training they could understand the fundamental about the topics. “I didn’t care much about rights and policies before but now I want to know more about human rights, citizen rights and women rights. At the beginning I felt confused as the knowledge seemed very far away but now I see how I could apply it in my life”, said Nguyen Thi Mong Linh (Binh Minh Dem). 

“I am very impressed with the fundamental laws related to sex workers so that I could tell my friends to protect themselves”, said Ngoc (Hoa Cat Tuong). “After the training I could understand my rights and I could also tell my clients and people in my group” said Dung (Hoa Cat Tuong). 

The training showed that there is a strong need for sex workers to be better aware of and understand more about their rights and policies related to them.


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