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Sex workers

Summation – Sharing of experience from CBOs supported by SCDI

Sept. 21, 2018

On 14th – 16th January 2014, the Community Development Program organized a summation workshop on Sharing of experience from community-based organizations in Ho Chi Minh city with the participation of CBOs, of people who use drugs and sex workers, partnering with SCDI.

The CBOs included Gạch Đầu Dòng, Cát Trắng, Nơi Bình Yên (Hanoi); Vòng tay bè bạn, Hoa Trinh Nữ, Bông Hồng Đen (Hai Phong); Sóng Biển (Nha Trang); Cuộc Sống Mới, Bình Minh Đêm, Hoa Cát Tường (Ho Chi Minh).

At the workshop, the participants reviewed their organizations’ activities and development since they established. Experiences, achievements and difficulties throughout their development process as well as proposed solutions were shared openly by the groups. Besides, the CBOs also discussed about programs and activities that could be implemented to support people who use drugs and sex workers, and the contributions and participation of these communities in supporting the development of new community-based organizations.

SCDI’s Board of Directors and Community Development program commended and rewarded community-based organizations, who had had outstanding performances including  Gạch Đầu Dòng, for supporting  access and referral to Methadone maintenance therapy; Nơi Bình Yên, for sustainable organizational structure; Cát Trắng, for collaborating with local authority in communication activities; Vòng Tay Bè Bạn, for overdose prevention and relief; Hướng Đến Tương Lai Coalition, for loaning and job seeking program; Sóng Biển, for outreach and care.


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We will send you the most up-to-date information for your specific help to vulnerable groups