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One Egg A Day

Reduce the vulnerability and improve the quality of life of street-based sex workers

Sept. 17, 2018

Project: MOVE FORWARD – Reduce the vulnerability and improve the quality of life of street-based sex workers

Sponsor: Soa AIDS Nederland

Time: 2010 - 2011


Sex workers are vulnerable and it’s even more so for street-based sex workers. Many of them use drugs, many are living with HIV, many are 30 – 40 years old and older, and many have children. They suffered from stigma and discrimination, violation, poverty, unstable housing as well as health problems. Many are neglected by their own family and denied their right to care for and live with their child.

Nơi Bình Yên, a community-based organization of sex workers, was established to reduce the vulnerability and improve the quality of life of sex workers, especially street-based sex workers. Established on March 2009, Noi Binh Yen now has 10 core members, and has reached to more than 200 street-based sex workers in Hanoi.

This is a small project to support Noi Binh Yen – a CBO in Vietnam to strengthen their capacity to provide basic services for 200 street-based sex workers in Hai Ba Trung and Hoan Kiem districts in Hanoi. Noi Binh Yen is on its way to achieve their dream – they have a place for themselves, where they can find peace, feel confident and dignified as well as to support their peers.

Main activities

  • Haft-way house for sex workers: located in the office of Noi Binh Yen, is the place for meeting and training. The house has several services including hair salons, massage, manicure, washing, counseling, condom and N&S distribution.
  • Organize skill building workshop for sex workers: monthly trainings on different topics including financial management, knowledge on HIV prevention, communication and negotiation skills etc
  • Organize community activities: distribute IEC materials for sex workers, community communication, events, meetings.
  • Help sex workers access to services: Noi Binh Yen’s outreach team refers sex workers to related services including HIV testing and counseling, STI services, OI treatment, and ART etc. 
  • Support job changing or reduce working time: Noi Binh Yen proposes small loans for their clients to do small business and to seek alternative employment.
  • Documentation: having a photo collection of Noi Binh Yen and its activities as advocacy and communication tool.


  • Monthly meetings at Noi Binh Yen office: 36 meetings with 962 participations
  • Group meeting at the community: 76 meetings with 1265 participations
  • Community events: 5 events
  • Meeting with clients: 3370 participations
  • Clients come to and use services at the officer: 2970 participations
  • Referral to health services: VCT (598 referrals), STIs (598 referrals)
  • Distribute commodities: 6958 condoms, 4112 lubricants
  • Support 2 members to attend a 3-month English course
  • Direct counseling: 2298 participations
  • Phone counseling: 1123 participations
  • 12 clients are referred to ART  
  • 32 clients are supported with loans
  • 12 clients joined the saving program
  • Organize 3 trainings on community outreach on HIV prevention for high risk women; sexual health for sex workers (Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city)
  • 1 photo collection “towards peaceful place” (500 copies)



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