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Community Social Volunteer Teams, an important force in supporting drug users

Sept. 19, 2018

A workshop on the roles and effectiveness of Community Social Volunteer Teams (CSVT) was held in Da Nang on December 12th, 2015 to summarize capacity building activities as well as introduce the Volunteer Handbook, and the indicators for success for the CSVT system in the country. 
100 volunteers from 13 provinces attended the Workshop. Other delegates included the Director of Department for Social Vices Prevention (DSVP), representatives from provincial sub-DSVP as well as media agencies.
The volunteers shared what they have learnt and achieved in the past year as well as how they applied new knowledge and skills in their work. They also presented the challenges they had to face when working with drug users and how they could overcome such situations.
Under Asia Action on Harm Reduction, in the past 3 years, SCDI and the Department for Social Vices Prevention (DSVP) has completed a training package and a handbook for the CSVTs.
To continue the momentum of Asis Action, more training will be conducted to build the capacity of CSVT using the training package; communication between CSVTs and other agencies and the community will be strengthened; and a monitoring and evaluation will be implemented. With stronger capacity and organization, CSVTs are expected to be an important force in supporting drug users in Vietnam. 

100 delegates from 13 provinces attending the workshop. (Top)
The closing performance (Middle left)
Mr. Do Xuan Lap, Director of DSVP, praising Asia Action’s support to CSVT. (Middle right)
A CSVT’s member, former drug user, from Bac Ninh sharing his story. (Bottom left)
Overview of the workshop (Bottom right)

For more information on the Handbook, click here.


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