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Dream Journey 2016

Sept. 10, 2018

Dream Journey summer camps 2016 were organized in Hai Phong and Vung Tau on the 25th and 26th June 2016. This year, the camp held the topic of “I love the ocean” and invited over 50 children whose parents were among the vulnerability communities. 

Dream Journey started in 2013 with many activities aiming at supporting disadvantageous children. This year, the summer camps were held in two beautiful coastal cities, Hai Phong and Vung Tau. With great enthusiasm and support from many volunteers, the children enjoyed activities from teambuilding to runway, and coloring. It helped to boost the children’s team working ability as well as encouraged their confidence in communication and expression of emotion. 

H. from Vung Tau said that ”the volunteers are kind and friendly to me. I really like my team and people around here”. “I like them (volunteers] because they are always joyful” wrote V..

“They are children whose parents are among the vulnerability community (drug users, sex workers, people living with HIV and low income people) and they tend to face psychological and communication difficulties” said Nguyen Thuy Linh – SCDI Children program’s manager “Having witnessed their happiness and integration during camp activities in previous years, we decided to expand our project to Hai Phong and Vung Tau this year. We’re hoping that such activities would bring the children a happy and enjoyable time, so they feel more of the care and protection from the society.”


 Volunteers preparing the stage

Children playing a game of cleaning beans

Summer camp in Vung Tau

Summer camp in Hai Phong


Dream Journey is a summer camp for disadvantageous children from communities with which SCDI is supporting. This is an annual activity organized by SCDI started from 2013 and has received generous support from sponsors and volunteers.   


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