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Operational area

Reproductive health care - family planning in Dak Doa - Gia Lai

Sept. 10, 2018

On October 6th 2017, the Center for Supporting Community Development Initiatives (SCDI) in conjunction with the People's Committee of Dak Doa (Gia Lai), Dak Doa District Health Center, held a health care launching ceremony - To improve the quality of population in densely populated and high fertility areas, remote and poor ethnic minority areas in Dak Doa district.

Representatives from SCDI and state agencies at the launching ceremony

Dr. Nguyen Hoai Huong, deputy director of SCDI, delivering speech at the launching ceremony

The project aims to meet the reproductive health and family planning needs of couples in reproductive age in densely populated areas, especially couples of childbearing age who have 2 or more children but not yet implementing contraceptive methods.
The project is implemented according to the plan of the district Population and Family Planning Steering Committee for the implementation of the campaign to mobilize and integrate reproductive health care and family planning services in the year 2017 and to mobilize the active participation of branches, mass organizations at all levels in propagating and mobilizing people to comply with population and family planning policy, striving to over-fulfill the targets set for 2017, providing reproductive health care and family planning services in high fertility and difficult areas.
The project seeks to implement 100% of couples in the age group who are being counseled to improve their basic knowledge about contraceptive methods and prevention of reproductive tract infections.


The communities attended the launching ceremony

At the launching ceremony, representatives of the State such as the People's Council, ward organizations, commune civil servants, members of the district Population and Family Planning Steering Committee, and the population collaborators attended the event. A lot of people from the communities have come and implemented contraceptive measures at Kon Tum Commune Health Center. People are provided with integrated reproductive health care and family planning services such as direct counseling, small group counseling on common signs of reproductive tract infections, inflammation preventive measures; provision of free contraceptives as well as information of locations for family planning services.
The communes will be implemented under the SCDI project including: Hà Đông, Đak Sơmei, Kon Gang, HNol, xã Trang, Ia Pết, ADơk.

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