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Zippy’s friends

Sept. 19, 2018

SCDI has been implementing a life-skill program – Zippy’s friends for vulnerable children, those of sex workers, people who use drugs and PLHIV in Hanoi.

Zippy’s friends training program is designed to be suitable for all children from 5 to 7 years old. First introduced in England, the program has been adopted to different cultures and countries like Brazil, India, China etc.

This program is based on a research on 600 children in 2 countries that have been participating in Zippy’s friends, which shows that they have better social and coping skills. It also shows equal impacts on both boys and girls.

Zippy’s friends tell stories around a praying mantis named Zippy and his friends. It includes 6 chapters with each consisting of 4 parts. Each part can be told in 45-50 minutes to the children. The program also involves drawing, roleplaying, story telling, questions and answers etc. The program will be for 6 months.

The program focuses on the development of mental and psychological state, feeling, coping and help seeking skills, and the willingness to help others. Joining the program, the children are always presented with two considerations of it’s possible to change the condition/context, making it better and do not harm yourself or others.

The philosophy of the program is that if children can learn skills when they are young, they will continue to learn in their life and can better cope with difficulties during adolescent and young adulthood. Likewise, they can be happier and cope better with life.

Kim Phương


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