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Hướng đến môi trường dịch vụ điều trị nghiện ma tuý nhân văn, hiệu quả

06:10 26/05/2019

10 năm trở lại đây, chính sách của nhà nước cũng như nhận thức của xã hội về người sử dụng ma tuý tại Việt ...

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Launching “Social and Legal Consulting, Assisted Referral Model for People who Use Drugs" in Long Bien district, Hanoi

09:57 27/04/2019

In the afternoon of April 26, 2019, at the Bo De ward's Cultural and Sports Center, Long Bien District, the launching ceremony of ...

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Communities join hands to prevent malaria

04:07 26/04/2019

Since 2014, malaria situation in Gia Lai province has remained complicated and persistent with a high rate of infected patients. Particularly, In 10 months ...

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Gia Lai: 120 members participated in the Malaria Prevention and Control Community Group organized by SCDI

02:42 26/04/2019

The project "Strengthening community participation in malaria prevention and control in Vietnam" funded by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria was approved ...

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Hanoi organized the kick-off meeting “The Pilot Model of Social and Legal Assistance, Consultation and Referral Services for People who Use Drugs”

04:04 02/03/2019

On March 1st, in the RECOVERY+ project, SCDI cooperated with Hanoi Department of Social Vices Prevention to organize the Kick-off Meeting: “The Pilot Model ...

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Research on Sexual Reproductive Health of PLHIV

02:13 19/09/2018

In the context of PLHIV having improved health in the world, HIV activists and public health community are now shifting their interests to the quality ...

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Research on cervical cancer and genital warts in Vietnam

02:02 19/09/2018

A research in Vietnam shows that 10.6% women in Ho Chi Minh city and 2.3% women in Hanoi have one or more type ...

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HIV prevention for homeless children in Quang Ninh

10:53 19/09/2018

The HIV prevention for homeless children project in Quang Ninh is supported by Save the Children and implemented by SCDI from July to September 2011.

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Health and Rights for female sex workers

04:18 18/09/2018

"Reducing the vulnerability of sex workers in Vietnam" Project is part of the international project "Bridging the gaps: health and rights for key Populations" funded ...

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Reduce the vulnerability and improve the quality of life of street-based sex workers

04:08 18/09/2018

Sex workers are vulnerable and it’s even more so for street-based sex workers. Many of them use drugs, many are living with HIV, many are ...

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HIV interventions for Primary Sexual Partners of People who use drugs in Dien Bien

09:58 18/09/2018

Since 1998, there were 6 reported cases of HIV-positive in Dien Bien, now the number of HIV cases are reported in all 9 districts and ...

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Dự án Lấp đầy khoảng trống: Sức khoẻ và Quyền cho nhóm đối tượng đích

09:51 18/09/2018

Dự án “Giảm tính dễ bị tổn thương của người bán dâm ở Việt Nam” là một phần của dự án quốc tế “Bridging the ...

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