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Civil Society Effectiveness Research Project

04:59 21/10/2018

Care International in Vietnam, through the Center for Supporting Community Development Initiative (SCDI), calls for the participation of community based organizations (CBOs) in researching the ...

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Enhancement of community participation in communication

09:24 18/09/2018

This project succeeds another project with the same name, sponsored by FORD in 2007, to establish information channels for people with HIV. The main project ...

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Face-to-face with drugs photo exhibition

09:20 18/09/2018

The exhibition was organized in Hanoi in 20th – 25th June 2011 on the occasion of the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking – 26th June. ...

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Beauty Plus Festival

09:11 18/09/2018

In commemorate the first HIV detected case in Vietnam 20 years ago, SCDI and Bright Future Network (BFN+, a network of People living with HIV ...

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Retreat with SCDI Volunteers from the South

10:20 10/09/2018

In April 08-09th 2017, the SCDI Retreat program for volunteer in the South took place at Bai Dau beach (Vung Tau) with the participation of 10 ...

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Retreat tổng kết hoạt động SCDI năm 2016 và lên kế hoạch cho năm 2017

10:18 10/09/2018

Đến hẹn lại lên, , từ ngày 21 - 24/1/2017 tại thành phố Pleiku, tỉnh Gia Lai, toàn bộ nhân viên SCDI đã tham dự ...

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Community Advocacy Initiatives

10:12 10/09/2018

The Community Advocacy Initiatives (CAI) aims to build and strengthen the awareness on the Investment Framework for community-based organizations and stakeholders. 

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Festival "The Beauty of Half Moon 2013"

10:08 10/09/2018

To celebrate Day of People with Disability in Vietnam April 18th, 2013, Hanoi Youth with Disability Association (HYDA) in collaboration with Center for Supporting Community ...

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KC Group – Voice of the insiders

10:04 10/09/2018

KC stands for Key Correspondent. SCDI has formed a team of people with a talent and passion for writing, to enhance the participation of people ...

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We will send you the most up-to-date information for your specific help to vulnerable groups