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Our projects

Festival "The Beauty of Half Moon 2013"

To celebrate Day of People with Disability in Vietnam April 18th, 2013, Hanoi Youth with Disability Association (HYDA) in collaboration with Center for Supporting Community Development Initiatives (SCDI), Sustainable Health Development Center (VietHealth), and Center for Creative Initiatives in Health and Population (CCIHP) organized “The Beauty of Half Moon 2013” Festival, targeting young women and girls with disabilities in Vietnam. SCDI is the first organization supporting HYDA in the development of the overall plan, the establishment of institutions and fund raising as well as the participation of several organizations in the Festival.


Strengthen the development of self-help groups of drug users

Enhance the development of self-help groups of drug users to provide support services, changes in policy and practice to improve the quality of life for drug users in Vietnam. Community-based interventions include raising awareness on prevention of overdose/shock by Naloxone, implementing the pilot to support community-based drug detoxification, training in skills to save overdose and other useful services that drug users need


HIV interventions for Primary Sexual Partners of People who use drugs in Dien Bien

Since 1998, there were 6 reported cases of HIV-positive in Dien Bien, now the number of HIV cases are reported in all 9 districts and 76/106 communes of the province. Until the end of 2008 the total of HIV cases are 2,956, among those 852 are new reported cases. Dien Bien ranked 3rd in the country with the HIV prevalence of 350/100,000.


Nhóm KC - Tiếng nói của người trong cuộc

KC là viết tắt của Key Correspondent, tiếng Việt là “Thông tin viên nòng cốt”. Từ việc hiểu rõ nhiều tiềm năng trong cộng đồng chưa được khơi dậy cũng như mục tiêu tăng cường sự tham gia của chính cộng đồng NCH trong phòng chống HIV/AIDS bằng thông tin truyền thông, SCDI đã chủ động xây dựng một đội ngũ nòng cốt bao gồm những người có năng lực, đam mê viết lách, đến từ các nhóm cộng đồng và đặc biệt họ là những người đang hàng ngày đối mặt với HIV.


Psychological support and comprehensive care for HIV patients

Since 2005, GIP-ESTHER has been implementing comprehensive care for HIV patients on ART at the Infectious disease department at Dong Da hospital and Viet Tiep hospital (Hai Phong). In 2009 - 2010, SCDI’s Counseling and Training program continues to receive support from GIP-ESTHER. The activities of the project change every year to meet the actual need of partner hospitals as well as requirements from the sponsor.




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