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HIV interventions for Primary Sexual Partners of People who use drugs in Dien Bien

Sept. 17, 2018

Project: HIV prevention for Primary Sexual Partners of People who use drugs in Dien Bien

Sponsor: Family Health International

Time: 1/7 - 31/7/2012


Since 1998, there were 6 reported cases of HIV-positive in Dien Bien, now the number of HIV cases are reported in all 9 districts and 76/106 communes of the province. Until the end of 2008 the total of HIV cases are 2,956, among those 852 are new reported cases. Dien Bien ranked 3rd in the country with the HIV prevalence of 350/100,000.

At the moment, in Dien Bien, there are a number of HIV/AIDS related prevention, support, care and treatment under the National HIV Prevention Plan. PEPFAR also supports 2 districts of Điện Biên and Mường Áng with a opioid substitution therapy through USAID. Besides, there are other activities implemented with local resources including support for CBOs, HIV communication for youth. However, these activities are still limited in their scope and have limited impacts on the epidemic.  

FHI supports SCDI to implement HIV prevention for Primary Sexual Partners of People who use drugs in 3 areas of Dien Bien including Dien Bien city, Dien Bien district and Tuan Giao district. These are the areas with large number of PUD and their sexual partners and have not had specific interventions for this community. SCDI will collaborate with Dien Bien PAC to implement this project.

The objectives of the Project are to prevent HIV transmission for Primary Sexual Partners of PUD, and provide information and care, support and SRH services for this community aiming towards improved quality of life for PUD and their partners.
Target populations: Primary sexual partners of people who use drugs in Dien Bien and through them reach and refer male PUD to services.

Locations: Dien Bien city, Dien Bien district, and Tuan Giao district.


  • Number of people reached: 462 người
  • Number of people coming to group meeting: 241 people
  • Number of people going to VCT: 254 people
  • Number of condoms distributed: 500 condoms
  • Organized 2 trainings for all outreach workers in Dien Bien (19 people)
  • Organized 2 trainings at 3 project sites


  • FHI, SCDI & Dien Bien PAC: Close monitoring and management on technical aspects through trainings, repeated trainings, and couching at CBO’s office and at project sites as well as regular communication through email, phone calls
  • District health clinics & monitoring officers: Facilitate the works of project workers (providing office, coordinating priority services for project clients: VCT/STI/MMT).
  • Coordinator, outreach workers: enthusiastic, patient, able to build trust with clients and their family.


  • Large area on intervention, difficult for travel
  • Availability of services: unqualified for MMT; lack of biologic products for mobilie VCT.
  • Equipment: No computer; CBOs do not have office
  • Human resource: change of staff, outreach workers
  • Limited capacity of coordinator and outreach workers

Lesson learnt

  • Clearly identify objectives
  • Increase the ownership of outreach workers
  • Facilitate the CBO to take initiatives and active in implementing activities
  • Building partnership between SCDI, PAC & CBOs
  • Empower based on knowledge and capacity of the CBOs, regular supports
  • Monitoring at all levels
  • Coordination between partners 



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We will send you the most up-to-date information for your specific help to vulnerable groups