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Regional Malaria CSO Consultation Workshop in Cambodia

Ngày 24 tháng 10 năm 2018

In preparation for the 8th RSC (RAI Steering Committee) in Siem Reap, from 04 to 05 October 2016, the Regional Malaria CSOs Consultation Workshop was held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Organized by the Regional Malaria CSO Platform, the event forms an important part of the regional-level dialogue for the next funding cycle.

Photo source: SCDI

Participants included Louis Da Gama, GF RSC CSO representative, and other CSO representative from Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam and Lao PDR. Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Dung - Network Program Manager of SCDI (Center for Supporting Community Development Initiatives). Other representatives of UNOPS also participated in the workshop.

The main objectives of this workshop were: Firstly, to take stock of main successes and challenges in the implementation of malaria response by civil society and community-based organizations in the Mekong Sub-region, in particular in the context of the RAI. Secondly, to identify key funding gaps and priority investment areas in view of achieving greater access to malaria prevention & treatment services by key at-risk populations. Finally, to formulate recommendations to the RAI Regional Steering Committee (RSC) in preparation for the next regional Concept Note. The CSO members agreed that representatives of the Platform during next regional Concept Note would be from an organization uninvolved in RAI in order to prevent conflict of interest.

Field visit at  O'Yadaw Border Crossing. Source: SCDI

From 6th to 9th October, the delegates went off to Field visit to observe the malaria affected/vulnerable community along the border of Cambodia and neighboring country and identify challenges and CSO best practices based on community and CSO experience. Furthermore, they would understand better the role of civil society in response to malaria and CSO coordination/collaboration between malaria service providers (health service providers, volunteers, community leaders) and community people along the borders.

On 8th October, the field visit at O'Yadaw Border Crossing (Vietnam on the other border side) and Pok Thom Village, the participants participated in the ACD detection/Community Sensitization Event of Cambodia MC (Malaria Consortium) and PSK (population service Khmer). As part of RAI, the project MC Cambodia provided testing and treatment services to people using border crossings in the region and conducting Active Case Detection activities amongst high risk population groups.

Regional Malaria CSO Platform: This was established on 05 May 2015 with the participation of 30 organizations working in the field of malaria in 5 countries of Greater Mekong Sub region: Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand). These organizations are involved in the project RAI (Regional Artemisinin-resistance Initiative).

There are 3 CSOs representatives in each country that work in the project. In Vietnam, up to this day, SCDI is honored to be the first and only CSO involved in RAI.


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