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Workshop on sharing experience and improving the effectiveness of Community Social Voluntary Team

Ngày 24 tháng 10 năm 2018

On 27th January 2015 in Hanoi, SCDI collaborated with Department for Social Vices Prevention – Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs to organize a workshop on sharing experience and improving the effectiveness of Community Social Voluntary Team.

More than 30 participants had shared their inputs for the guideline documents and proposes to strengthen CSVT and improve their effectiveness and sustainability.

To improve the effectiveness of 17,015 volunteers working on social issues, Asia Action on Harm Reduction had been organizing capacity building for CSVT members. The project is implemented by SCDI in collaboration with Department for Social Vices Prevention - MOLISA.

Currently there are 2,570 CSVT across 36 provinces. The volunteers have the task to approach their clients – drug users, sex workers, victims of trafficking, and their family to help and provide support. With enthusiasm, this large community force has been and is contributing greatly in social works at local level as well as acts as a bridge between civil society and community-based organizations and governmental organizations.

Understanding the important roles and great potentials of CSVT, SCDI has collaborated with DSVP to develop a training package and a guideline for the volunteers. After one year of implementation, the training package has been finalized, piloted, assessed and receive highly appraisals from experts working on social affairs and the volunteers themselves.

The training package includes 6 chapters on basic knowlegde and 7 chapters on practical skills developed based on need assessment of the volunteers as well as scientific and practical aspects. It closely follows the new attitude towards right-base and community-centered. Assessment conducted after the training shows that both attitude and knowledge of the volunteers has had significant improvement.

In the workshop, the volunteers shared their valuable experiences in helping their clients, especially drug users – a hart-to-reach group and of great concern to society. There were also the clients, those who had receive supports from CSVT. Experts, officers at different levels and the volunteers were having discussion on developing support document as well as proposing for support mechanism for improved effectiveness and sustainability of CSVT.

It is expected that until the end of 2015, there will be 18,750 volunteers working in 45 provinces across Vietnam and until 2020 there will be 5,000 CSVT with 30,000 volunteers in all 63 provinces. With capacity building, supportive environment and great human resources, CSVT can become a key contributor in helping vulnerable populations.

European Commission (EC)

Managing organization:
International HIV/AIDS Allaince

Implementation organization in Vietnam
Center for Supporting Community Development Initiatives (SCDI)

In collaboration with:
Department of Social Vices Prevention - MOLISA

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