“The Opposite of Addiction Is Not Sobriety,
It's Connection.”
People received addiction treatment service supported by SCDI in 2023
Lives saved from
heroin overdose in 2023

The Harm Reduction and Addiction Treatment Program aims to improve substance users' and addictions' quality of life. The program applies a comprehensive intervention strategy including developing pilot intervention models in Vietnam; strengthening partnerships to promote the implementation of evidence-based interventions and contributing to reducing stigma and discrimination and increasing access to health services and addiction treatment.

Since 2014, the Program has implemented important pilot models such as "The community-based, voluntary drug counseling and treatment"; “Social and Legal Consulting, Assisted Referral Model for People who Use Drugs"

Interventions are being implemented in 7 cities/provinces

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Program Manager
Nguyễn Minh Trang
Hanoi Office: No.9, Alley 165/30, Thai Ha Str., Dong Da District, Hanoi, Vietnam