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Activity News in April 2024
Activity News in April 2024

SCDI presents to readers the Children and Youth & Health and Social Security’s outstanding activities in April, 2024


CMAT's steadfast efforts in malaria prevention

CMAT - Community Malaria Action Team has worked tirelessly in malaria prevention since its establishment. In 2023, 0 cases positive for malaria were found in 2023 SCDI’s project sites; 5,993 individuals were referred for malaria testing; 1,465 group communication sessions and 17,767 individual communication sessions were conducted; Distributed malaria prevention items included 6,256 mosquito nets, 2,836 sets of protective clothing, and 3,831 protective hats.  

CMAT also serves as a core force in protecting community health and improving the quality of life for residents by supporting tuberculosis prevention and treatment, supporting in obtaining personal identification documents, and providing information on the importance and usage of health insurance cards,... 

Photo: CMAT conducts group communication sessions for local people

Photo: CMAT supports TB patients in adhering to treatment

In celebration of World Malaria Day, SCDI launched a social media campaign highlighting the tireless effort of the CMAT in malaria prevention. After recovering from malaria with the support of CMAT, A Phang became a dedicated member of the organization. He is now an active and enthusiastic part of the community. Thanks to SCDI’s training, Phang possesses the knowledge and skills to reach out to hard-to-reach and mobile populations. He provides them with vital information about malaria, distributes antimalarial supplies, and identifies, refers, and supports patients to ensure they receive successful treatment.  

Photo: Ho A Phang distributes Tet's package to people

Phang's commitment extends beyond malaria prevention. He participates in training sessions on tuberculosis and health insurance, working to prevent tuberculosis, increase health insurance coverage, and assist people in obtaining personal identification documents. Known for his intelligence, agility, enthusiasm, and deep understanding of each family's situation, Phang has earned the trust of his community and has been elected as the village chief. 


Group activity for underprivileged children to enrich knowledge

On April 9th, at Ho Chi Minh City office, SCDI staff held a group activity for disadvantaged children supported by the "Breaking the Cycle" project. In addition to familiar activities like reading, writing, and drawing, the children also get to engage in a fun and engaging pictionary organized by the SCDI staff and volunteers of the Little Ant Nest group.

These activities provide new knowledge and foster a healthy and positive environment where children can learn and play together. 

Photo: Children enthusiastically participate in pictionary