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Activity News in June 2024
Activity News in June 2024

SCDI presents to readers the Children and Youth Program’s outstanding activities in June 2024

Celebrating International Children’s Day 

In the celebration of International Children’s Day, SCDI staff and volunteers in HCM city treated the children of “Breaking the Cycle” project to a special outing – a vibrant children's play at a theatre. Parents were also invited to join, creating a warm and joyful atmosphere. The play's colorful and engaging performances captivated the children and their parents, filling the theatre with laughter and happy memories. 

Photo: SCDI staff and children take memorable picture at Ban Mai theatre

Weekend activities foster development and community for children 

SCDI organizes weekend activities for children of “Breaking the Cycle” project led by dedicated volunteer tutors every Sunday morning. These activities include group study sessions, book reading, drawing, indoor physical games, and interactive life skills workshops tailored to specific themes. Through participation, children have shown positive development in comprehension, reading, and self-study skills, fostering a love for learning. The program also promotes social development, as children form closer bonds. Additionally, parents are forming a supportive network to share parenting experiences, exchange strategies, and collaborate in ensuring their children's well-being. 

Photo: A group study session takes place at SCDI office in Ho Chi Minh city

Raising awareness for community about maternal and child health

SCDI officers, working hand-in-hand with dedicated community-based organizations, recently conducted a successful series of workshops in Nghe An province. The ten group sessions focused on maternal and adolescent health, aiming to equip participants with valuable knowledge about the crucial psychological and physiological changes experienced by teenagers. This collaborative initiative brought together students, parents, and teachers to foster a comprehensive understanding of adolescent development. 

Photo: Communication session for adolescent children aims to raise awareness about physiological and psychological changes at this age