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Activity News in March 2024
Activity News in March 2024

SCDI presents to readers the the outstanding activities of Health and Social Protection, Children and Youth program in March 2024.

Cooperating with local authorities to organize the World TB Day 2024 meeting  

SCDI collaborated with lung hospitals, health centers and steering committees on tuberculosis prevention and control in Dak Lak, Gia Lai and Nghe An to organize and participate in a meeting to celebrate World Tuberculosis Day 2024. 

In addition, SCDI staff also coordinated with local health units to carry out tuberculosis testing and screening for residents in the area. Also on this occasion, SCDI was awarded a certificate of merit for its outstanding contribution to the prevention and control of tuberculosis in 2023 in Nghe An.

Photo: SCDI staffs and community network participate in World TB Day 2024 in Gia Lai

Promoting the role of community networks in TB and latent TB case-finding

In 2023, SCDI collaborated with the Center for Disease Control, hospitals and relevant local authorities to actively screen 71,297 people, identifying 715 with active tuberculosis and 1,480 with latent tuberculosis. The community networks play a vital role in this achievement. 

SCDI collaborates with community networks to find TB cases and ensure patients complete treatment. These community outreach workers extend the reach of the local health system by supporting both active and latent TB patients throughout their treatment journeys. 

Photo: Community outreach worker instructs patient on how to collect sputum during a community-based TB screening

Organizing journalist field trip to explore challenges in TB response in remote area

On World TB Day 2024, SCDI organized a journalist field trip in Krong Pac district and Ea Yieng commune, Dak Lak. These remote areas face economic hardship and limited access to information and tuberculosis prevention and treatment services due to ethnic minority language barriers. This activity aimed to help the journalists gain a deeper understanding of tuberculosis prevention and control, its impact on overall healthcare, thereby enhancing media participation in promoting tuberculosis response at both provincial and national levels.

Photo: Journalists interview tuberculosis specialist in Ea Yiêng commune

Understanding TB adherence barriers through community outreach worker stories

SCDI launched a social media campaign highlighting barriers to TB treatment and the crucial support community outreach workers provide to patients. Tuan - an outreach worker shared a story of a patient with drug-resistant TB facing extreme hardship. Despite free medication, associated costs and side effects made treatment challenging. The patient's health and ability to work declined due to nausea, lack of nutrition, and homelessness, making treatment adherence difficult. However, Tuan's perseverance and SCDI's support have helped the patient adhere to her treatment regimen to the end.

Photo: "Practical and timely support helps people with tuberculosis in difficult circumstances reduces the risk of non-adherence to treatment" said Tuan - an outreach worker, supporting the TB-affected community in HCMC

Group activity for underprivileged children to foster creativity and self-exploration

On March 3rd, at Ho Chi Minh City office, SCDI staff held a group activity for underprivileged children supported by the "Breaking the Cycle" project. The session incorporated interactive activities, guided by a teacher, that encouraged the children to express themselves through collaborative storytelling and artistic exploration. This not only enhanced communication skills but also provided a safe space for emotional exploration, likely strengthening the bonds between the participants.

Photo: Children participate in storytelling activity