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General News in April 2024
General News in April 2024

SCDI presents to readers the comprehensive of outstanding activities in April 2024 

Supporting community to ensure their right to health care 

In 2023, SCDI supported the purchase of new social health insurance cards and the extension of the existing cards for 769 people and 18 individuals obtaining personal identification documents. Furthermore, SCDI connected appropriate prevention and treatment services to communities suffering from or affected by HIV, tuberculosis, or malaria. 

To protect rights of everyone is one of SCDI’s overarching goals and the right to health care is a top priority. Only when the right to healthcare is universally guaranteed, and everyone has access to appropriate healthcare services, can the health of the entire community be ensured. 

Photo: Ksor Lik, the head of Buôn Bluk, Phú Cần commune, Krong Pa district, Gia Lai, is actively supporting health insurance for the community.