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General News in December, 2023
General News in December, 2023

SCDI presents to readers the comprehensive of outstanding activities in December 2023 

Health insurance - burden sharing for patients and relatives 

By participating in health insurance, the community can access maximum health services without facing a significant financial burden. At a training session organized by SCDI, Dr. Phan Van Toan, Deputy Director of the Ministry of Health's Health Insurance Department, provided the CMAT (Community Malaria Action Team) with a comprehensive understanding of health insurance. He explained the basics of health insurance, discussed new policy updates, and detailed the medical examination and treatment procedures covered by health insurance cards. By mastering this knowledge, the CMAT team can effectively communicate the importance of health insurance to the community, encourage participation, and ultimately, help families reduce the financial burden of medical treatment. 

Photo: Dr. Phan Van Toan, Deputy Director of the Ministry of Health's Health Insurance Department

Effective communication: a crucial bridge in community support 

Effective communication stands as the cornerstone of community support, enabling the transfer of knowledge, skills, and transformative change. During the training session, CMAT members and lecturers engaged in a vibrant exchange of experiences, discussing methods for information dissemination, guidance, persuasion, community support, and navigating communication challenges in a respectful manner. Participants openly shared their difficulties, presenting specific scenarios encountered while approaching individuals sleeping in the forest. This open dialogue led to the formulation of practical implementation strategies and solutions aimed at enhancing communication effectiveness within the community. 

Photo: The effective communication training session