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General News in June 2024
General News in June 2024

SCDI presents to readers the comprehensive of outstanding activities in June 2024  


Practical actions to reduce environmental harm

In order to build a green organization, SCDI staff is taking practical actions to reduce its environmental impact. These actions start with everyday habits: turning off lights when not in use, bringing reusable bags and water bottles to cut down on disposable plastic waste, and commuting to work by bike, or public transportation and separating trash into different categories for recycling. SCDI's environmental team also produces weekly environmental news to provide community with updated information and raise awareness about environmental issues.

Photo: SCDI staff commutes to work by bike

Additionally, SCDI distributes personalized reusable water bottles to community workers. Featuring eco-friendly messages and the workers' names, these bottles foster a sense of ownership and promote the use of refillable containers, reducing reliance on single-use plastics.