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SCDI activity news in April 2022
SCDI activity news in April 2022

SCDI presents to readers the comprehensive outstanding activities in April 2022


Legal Support Needs for LGBTIQ+ community seminar 

On April 27th, SCDI organized a seminar on the legal support needs of the LGBTIQ+ community with the participation of delegates from the Lawyers' Association in some northern provinces. This is an opportunity of active dialogue, answering questions, listening to barriers, towards filling the gaps that separate the community's equal access to basic rights. 

Photo: Seminar in the northern region


Intervention procedures for adolescents using drugs training 

From April 25th – 26th, the Children and Youth Program - SCDI organized training on Instruction in Intervention Procedures for Youth Using Drugs. 

At the training session, participants were provided and exchanged useful information about the procedure of approaching customers and harm reduction interventions. 

Photo: The training was organized by the Children and Youth Program 


Dental hygiene group meeting for grade 1 children of “Breaking the Cycle” project 

SCDI organized a group meeting for grade 1 children.  Children and their parents were introduced to healthy and unhealthy foods, harmful practices that lead to some common dental problems such as tooth decay, and canker sores,... In addition, resident doctors from VinUniversity instructed parents on how to create excitement for their children to take care of their teeth, so that children can voluntarily maintain their own hygiene.  

The children participating in the meeting were very interested and enthusiastic, because it was fun to learn how to brush their teeth with their friends. 

Photo: Children participated in the meeting 


Comprehensive addiction treatment in the community, effective treatment direction for drug addict patients 

Since its implementation, the Multi-Day Methadone Distributing Program has not only shown benefits for methadone users but many other advantages: reducing pressure on health workers, reducing the number of patients taking drugs in the early hours of the morning, ensuring physical distancing during the epidemic, ... SCDI has been and will continue to make efforts in the process of participating in the implementation of the project in a technical role, advising community groups, and conducting community-based surveillance, supporting adherence to treatment and, importantly, dealing with drug overdose. 

Photo: SCDI and French experts visited Methadone treatment facility in Hai Phong. 


Focus on reversing malaria among ethnic minorities 

SCDI implemented the project "Strengthening community engagement in malaria elimination" in Binh Phuoc, Dak Nong, Dak Lak, Gia Lai, Binh Thuan and Phu Yen. 

The project focuses on capacity building and increasing the participation of hard-to-reach and mobile groups in prevention, delivery of testing/treatment and malaria adherence support to their own community members, through the establishment of Community Malaria Action Teams (CMATs). 

Photo: CMAT instructed people to apply mosquito repellent