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SCDI Activity News in January, 2023
SCDI Activity News in January, 2023

SCDI presents to readers the comprehensive outstanding activities in January, 2023


Mental health intervention  

On January 4-5, 2023, SCDI organized Mental Health Care Overview training in Ha Long City, Quang Ninh with the participation of CBOs in 7 provinces. Here, CBOs were provided with basic knowledge about mental health and had the chance to meet with members of community support organizations. Equipping yourself with knowledge and skills about mental health care, and reducing or eliminating prejudice related to this issue will help patients feel less self-conscious, thereby consulting, caring and supporting customers with problems they encounter smoothly and effectively.    

Photo: SCDI staff and CBOs 


Learn About Transgender Healthcare in Los Angeles, USA

From January 2-13, 2023, SCDI organized a healthcare experiential course for transgender individuals in Los Angeles, USA. The course brought together law enforcement experts, endocrinologists, psychologists, and social workers. Participants had the opportunity to collaborate closely and effectively with industry-leading gender reassignment surgeons, primary healthcare workers, and psychological counselors for transgender people. This collaboration involved face-to-face meetings as well as online conversations with doctors from various cities across the United States.

Photo: The delegation in Learning course About Transgender Healthcare in Los Angeles, USA