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SCDI activity news in July, 2022
SCDI activity news in July, 2022

SCDI presents to readers the comprehensive outstanding activities in July, 2022

Summer for children 

On July 17, SCDI organized the "Summer for Children" program in Hai Phong, within the framework of the project Breaking the Cycle, support children from disadvantaged families affected by the Covid-19 pandemic to continue going to school. 

The camp aims to draw more attention from the community to the project, promote and support education for disadvantaged children.


Extracurricular activities at the park for children of “Breaking the Cycle” project 

The extracurricular activity at the park organized by officers and volunteers for children of the “Breaking the Cycle” project took place happily. Students were divided into groups and participated in many activities such as playing games, painting and through that, learning more interesting knowledge. 

Photo: Extracurricular activities for children of “Breaking the Cycle” project in Ho Chi Minh city 


Group meeting for parents and children of “Breaking the Cycle” project in Ho Chi Minh City 

Currently, there are 50 children in Ho Chi Minh City under the project. Once a month, activities are organized with the participation of children and parents with different contents.  

At the meeting, children were provided with useful knowledge while playing with their peers. This was an opportunity for parents to connect with their children, and also for SCDI to be able to grasp the difficulties in the family that affect their children's schooling. 

Photo: Meeting at SCDI Ho Chi Minh Office 


SCDI participates in the Preliminary Review of Social and Legal Consulting, Assisted Referral Model for People who Use Drug 

On the morning of July 15th, SCDI participated in the Preliminary Session on the implementation of the Social and Legal Consulting, Assisted Referral Model for detoxification participants, organized by the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs.  

During the pilot implementation, SCDI participated in supervision and professional support activities with the Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, regularly provided technical expertise in communes and wards applying the model and maintained direct assessment briefings at the facility. 

Photo: Preliminary Review of Social and Legal Consulting, Assisted Referral Model for People who Use Drug 


Pilot implementation of Support, Counseling and Addiction Treatment sites in the community

SCDI cooperated with the Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs in Ben Tre to pilot a site of support, counselling and addiction treatment in the community. Starting in April 2022, community-based drug detoxification sites were effectively operational. Specifically, SCDI participated in technical support for capacity building activities for staff and provided detoxification services for customers. During the deployment, SCDI will simultaneously participate in monitoring and closely updating the situation at the Site.  

Photo: A community-based detoxification site


SCDI works for an inclusive community  

On July 19th, the seminar to convey and connect the legal aid needs of the LGBTAIQ+ community continued to be held with the participation of delegates of the Lawyers' Association, Procuracy, university lecturers of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Thai Nguyen province. 

Delegates shared and exchanged information on SOGIESC, the need for legal support of LGBTAIQ+ representatives. In addition, connecting the needs of the community to reliable legal advice, striving to fill gaps in policy formulation and implementation. 

Photo: Seminar on the legal support needs of the LGBTIQ+ people in Thai Nguyen 


Active tuberculosis screening for drug addicts 

SCDI cooperated with the Lung Hospital to conduct active TB screening for staff and trainees of drug detoxification facilities in Hai Phong. This activity aims to proactively detect cases, as well as reduce the risk of severe TB progression and community spread. Active TB screening not only helps in early detection of TB, but also contributes to improving the effectiveness of treatment, detoxification and improving the lives of trainees at the facility. 

Photo: Active TB screening at Hai Phong City Detoxification Facility