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SCDI Activity News in June, 2023
SCDI Activity News in June, 2023

SCDI presents to readers the outstanding activities of Harm Reduction and Addiction Treatment and Children and Youth program in June 2023

Intensive and effective drug prevention cannot be achieved without essential harm reduction and accessible addiction treatment services

In response to drug prevention month, Dr. Khuất Thị Hải Oanh, Director of SCDI, expressed her viewpoint: "In addition to rigorous and comprehensive drug crime prevention, accessible and effective harm reduction and addiction treatment medical services are essential to foster a drug-free community, ensuring humanistic and friendly approaches” 

Amidst the grip of the new generation drug crisis, Dr. Oanh alos emphasizes the importance of prevention and intervention in addressing addiction among adolescents: Just like any other preventive vaccines, love, understanding from families, empathy, active listening, and non-discrimination from people around them serve as the most effective preventive vaccine against addiction for young individuals. 

Photo: BS. Khuat Thi Hai Oanh in the dialogue program on effective drug prevention 


The "Breaking the Cycle" project accompanies children to school 

The "Breaking the Cycle" project is a program implemented by SCDI since 2020 with the support of HSBC Vietnam Bank. The project focuses on providing educational support to children in the most disadvantaged families heavily affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. In the 2021-2022 academic year, SCDI has been supporting 438 children, providing 447 nutrition packages, 361 partial scholarships, 98 full scholarships, and 116 health insurance cards for children. 

Photo: Children participated in extracurricular activities organized by the project 


Providing tutoring and educational support for children in the Breaking the Cycle project 

In addition to providing scholarships, educational supplies, nutrition support, personal documents, and other necessities for children to attend school, the Breaking the Cycle project has recruited volunteer tutors to provide additional academic reinforcement at home. 

These tutors help children review and reinforce the knowledge learned in class, clarify any doubts or misunderstandings in their lessons. With careful guidance, enthusiasm, and openness, the tutors help boost the children's confidence when approaching classroom lessons, gradually reducing their hesitations or frustrations. By finding suitable learning methods, the children can grasp the knowledge and keep up with the curriculum. 

The majority of volunteers in the project are young, which makes it easier and more comfortable for them to communicate with the children. Although there were challenges at the beginning when tutoring shy and introverted children, the volunteers and the children in the project have developed a close bond. The children feel comfortable sharing stories about school, friends, and life, allowing the project to understand their thoughts and emotions better and provide them with better support. 

Photo: Break the Cycle volunteer tutoring for children in the project