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SCDI Activity News in October 2023
SCDI Activity News in October 2023

SCDI presents to readers the outstanding activities of Health and Social Security and Children and Youth program in October 2023


SCDI offers social assistance and nutritional support to disadvantaged tuberculosis patients 

After conducting free screening activities for the local community in recent years, SCDI has initiated nutrition and social support programs for individuals diagnosed with TB and latent TB infection under challenging conditions in Dong Hung district, Thai Binh. With the aim of sustaining encouragement and motivation for those undergoing TB treatment, SCDI has distributed essential gifts to active TB patients and latent TB cases. Additionally, the organization has provided support for acquiring health insurance, especially for individuals without or with expired health insurance cards, ensuring continued access to necessary medical care.

Photo: SCDI representatives distribute gifts to individuals suffering from tuberculosis in Dong Hung district


Communication campaign about Adverse Childhood Experience 

To mark World Mental Health Day, SCDI launches a communication campaign on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) to enhance awareness surrounding mental health, specifically focusing on the lasting impact of adverse childhood experiences. ACEs can adversely affect various facets of life, persisting into adulthood. SCDI's campaign aims to convey the message that every individual deserves love and a fulfilling life. By doing so, SCDI aspires to foster empathy and community support, fostering a nurturing and curative environment for those who have undergone ACEs.

Photo: ACEs illustration