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SCDI activity news in September, 2022
SCDI activity news in September, 2022

SCDI presents the comprehensive outstanding activities of the Community Support program and the Children and Youth program


To continue the journey that leaves no one behind

On September 15th, SCDI held a seminar on the Legal Support Needs of the LGBTIQ+ Community in Hai Duong. The seminar received positive feedback from lawmakers regarding the sharing of knowledge about gender diversity and sexual orientation. It also provided an opportunity for the lawyers' association and the community to discuss the difficulties and limitations faced by the LGBTIQ+ community in Hai Duong, as well as the broader community.

Photo: Mrs. Nguyen Kim Dung (Program Manager of Community Support at SCDI) sharing at the seminar


SCDI welcomed and met with the delegation from Laos

On September 9th, representatives from the Gender Development Association, Community Health and Inclusion Association, and the LGBT community of Laos visited SCDI's Hanoi office.

During the meeting, the parties exchanged and shared experiences and skills in raising social awareness about the LGBT community. This meeting also provided an opportunity for LGBT representatives from Laos and Vietnam to connect and establish networks between the two communities. This visit holds significant meaning and will motivate the implementation of activities for the LGBT community in the future.

Photo: SCDI staff took a commemorative photograph with the delegation from Laos


Extracurricular activities to visit Hanoi University for children of “Breaking the Cycle” project 

On September 11th , the second-grade children of the "Breaking the Cycle" project had the opportunity to meet and interact with members of the Executive Committee of the Federation of English Departments of the Hanoi University and Hanu Grows Green - the environmental club of Hanoi University. 

The children were taken on a tour of the Hanoi University campus by the members of the English Language Association, where they were introduced to the university and played games organized by the members. They also participated in activities to raise awareness about environmental protection and waste sorting, learned how to clean milk cartons for recycling, and had discussions on green living practices. 

Photo: Children of “Breaking the Cycle” project and students of Hanoi university 


Mid – Autumn for Children of “Breaking the Cycle” project 

In the festive atmosphere of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the staff of the “Breaking the Cycle” project prepared cake, candies, star lanterns, cards and wrapped them in lovely bags. The carefully prepared gifts were then handed out right one day before the ceremony with the hope that the children would have a warm and loving mid-autumn season. 

Photo: Mid-Autumn Festival gifts prepared by the staffs of “Breaking the cycle” project