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SCDI general news in December, 2022
SCDI general news in December, 2022

SCDI presents to readers the comprehensive outstanding news in December 2022

Nearly 10,000 individuals benefited from SCDI's projects implemented in Hai Phong during 2022

On the morning of December 20th, SCDI and the City Center for Disease Control held their annual general meeting to review the SCDI projects in Hai Phong for the year 2022. The conference highlighted the projects implemented to provide community-based prevention services, aiming to reduce HIV, TB, and increase access to health services for vulnerable groups, including children, people with disabilities, homelessness, and drug users. In total, nearly 10,000 individuals benefited from SCDI's projects implemented in Hai Phong during 2022.

Photo: Annual general meeting in Hai Phong

Summary of SCDI's Project Activities and Orientation for 2023

From November 30th to December 1st, the Summary of SCDI's project activities in 2022 conference was held in Hai Phong, Ninh Binh and Thai Binh to report on the achieved results, and outline the plans for the new year. During the conference, project activities related to HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis prevention, harm reduction, treatment, and social inclusion support for drug users, as well as support for children under the project "Breaking the cycle," were presented and evaluated for the year 2022.

SCDI successfully collaborated with community-based organizations (CBOs) in the area to implement harm reduction interventions, reaching high-risk groups for HIV testing and counseling. The distribution of harm reduction items and facilitating transition to ARV treatment based on available results were among the accomplished goals during this period. As we move forward into 2023, the organization remains committed to continuing and expanding these efforts to make a positive impact on the communities we serve.

Photo: Summary of SCDI project activities were organized on November 30th, 2022 in Ninh Binh and on December 1st, 2022 in Thai Binh.



Communication skills training for CBOs 

On December 13th - 14th, in Hai Phong, SCDI organized training to enhance communication skills for Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) supporting drug users. Lecturers and outreach workers exchanged knowledge, engaged in practical exercises based on real-life situations, and shared their experiences accumulated in working with the community.

The training session played an essential role in systematizing the communication process, providing key points to take note of, and helping participants identify their strengths to leverage and weaknesses to overcome for improved performance in the future. Moreover, participants had the opportunity to practice, listen, observe, and learn from others, enabling them to continuously improve and develop their skills over time.

Photo: Outreach workers during the training session in Hai Phong.


SCDI collaborate with BVIS, prepares Tet gifts for underprivileged children in Break the Cycle project

As a regular activity, in the ocassion of Lunar New Year, SCDI together with the British Vietnamese International School Hanoi - BVIS Hanoi (BVIS), prepared Tet gifts for the children in the "Breaking the Cycle" project, bringing some joy to the little ones in the project.

BVIS contributed rice, noodles, milk, cooking oil, soft drinks, snacks, masks, and more. This generous donation came from teachers, parents, and students, all with the desire to share the festive spirit with the children in the project and the less fortunate families during the approaching Tet holiday. The gifts were prepared promptly and delivered directly to the hands of the young recipients by the members of the "Breaking the Cycle" project and BVIS teachers.

The exchange of well-wishes and the smiles of the children were priceless gifts for the project members this Tet season. SCDI would like to express its gratitude to BVIS for their collaboration and support. These heartfelt gifts have brought a warm, joyful, and meaningful Tet holiday to the children in need!

Photo: BVIS representative gives Tet gifts to the children's families in the Break the Cycle project