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SCDI general news in November, 2022
SCDI general news in November, 2022

SCDI presents to readers the comprehensive outstanding news in November 2022


Enhancing communication capacity for CBOs in Quang Ninh

On November 7th and 8th, SCDI conducted training sessions to share communication knowledge and skills for reaching out and providing harm reduction services to the commnunity with CBOs supporting sex workers in Thai Binh, Nghe An, Quang Ninh, and Hai Phong.

During the session, social media communication guidelines were also shared and practiced. These guidelines focused on providing information related to HIV prevention, treatment, prevention of sexually transmitted infections, and prevention of sexual violence. The aim was to effectively disseminate this crucial information on user-friendly and appropriate platforms.

Photo: CBOs in Quang Ninh participating in a training session on communication skills.


Donating old clothes and books to support those facing difficulties

On November 5th, SCDI, in collaboration with AEON MALL Le Chan, Hai Phong, organized a donation program to collect clothes and old books. The initiative aimed to help people in the Central region cope with the challenges of a harsh winter and provide children with books and notebooks after the devastating floods they experienced recently. With the heartfelt message of spreading compassion, the program received significant support from the generous people of Hai Phong city.

Photo: A donation drive for clothes and old books in Hai Phong